1. Living History is

a. Non-fiction

b. Fiction

c. Fictious history

d. What “is” is.


2. Bill Clinton's memoirs will be

a. Living History Revisited

b. Edited by Hillary

c. Burned by Hillary

d. Written by Hillary

e. What “is” was.


3. All the fuss about Harry Potter is directly related to

a. America's confusion with the M*A*S*H star

b. America's obsession with Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life


4. Reading is

a. Fundamental

b. Not taught in public schools

c. in Pennsylvania

d. a railroad spot in Monopoly taught in the public schools.


5. Old School is

a. Not happening

b. Not cool

c. Boring retro

d. Nostalgic puke.


6. Home school is

a. where the homeys hang out during school hours

b. a place where the teacher can ground you and send you to your room without supper

c. Old School (see No. 5 above)



1 point if you understand the questions

Minus three points if you understand the answers

Divide your weight by the number of questions you think you got right

Add all the numbers on this page and divide by the collective IQ of N Sync then multiplied by

Pamela Anderson's bra size

Take all grading materials and digest and think of a number from one to ten.

Write number on piece of paper.

Put a star and and a happy face next to the number.

Place paper on refrigerator with magnet.