Fred Bauer is sitting in the Vandal Bar, nursing a lonely beer. He sighs and mumbles out loud, “what do women really want?” The bartender, spitting into a glass to clean it, just stared ahead. He had heard the lament before. What do women really want? It is almost as fundamentally puzzling as the purpose of the pyramids.

After a while of brooding, the bartender sighed and said he would answer the question. First, if you throw out the obvious notions of Brad Pitt cheater good looks and a healthy pay check to meet all expenses, it is a fairly simple, short list of things women look for their man to do (for them).

What do women really want their man to do?

1. Fill up the car with gasoline.

2. Fill the windshield wiper fluid.

3. Put air in a low tire.

4. Change a flat tire.

5. Unclog a toilet.

6. Fix a leaky toilet or faucet.

7. Put more paint on the walls than on the floor.

8. Able to hang a picture or two without major drywall damage.

9. Grill red meat on the BBQ grill.

10. Take the garbage out to the curb.

Basic caveman semi-skilled labor.





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