Ski was born in Chicago, Illinois.

He currently resides at his townhouse, called Chez Pablo, in suburban Chicago.

He graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a degree in Communications.

While in college, he was a writer, news reporter, editor, sports broadcaster, disk jockey, ad copy writer, production, and self taught artist and political cartoonist.

In 1980, he began writing form letters to friends and colleagues that focused on what was really occurring in his life. The letters got longer and more involved, and quickly evolved into a handwritten zine, called The Real News.

His zine continued on into the new frontier of desk top publishing. A rebellious Macintosh user since the company's early beginnings, Chez Pablo is littered with the historical hardware of the DTP revolution.

In 2000, he began to push into web publishing. After a long process, he decided to download his entire brain onto the net. Or at least the parts that what would not crash and burn upon enterance ramp of the Internet Highway.

Ski now manages to operate three web sites through his company,, inc. The purpose of three sites was to divide the thought patterns of his brain stem into digestable pieces., inc. is the distribution vehicle for his purging his intellectual matter onto the public, including new cartoon strips. It also fosters the pindermedia on-line store, where his t-shirt and apparel creations are available for sale. feeds his neo-journalism side. The site is to be a user's examination of the internet way of life, through articles, essays, opinion and commentary as he surfs the Net like the rest of us. was to feed his friends who demanded more and more Real News editions. It was also an opportunity to archive twenty years worth of past essays, stories, fiction and cartoons in a familiar format. feeds his ambitious side. This site plans to test the frontiers of his creativity by incorporating animation, music, microfilms with the other his various and varied interests. He has devised his interests in the graphical view of an urban streetscape. The viewer is invited to stroll along the street, and enter the buildings to see what is going on inside (a/k/a his head). It will take time for both Ski and his viewers to get used to this approach, but it is worth the effort, for it is like a new game that needs to be played in order to test the level of one's skills. And he thinks there may be a profit along the way.

Ski has been a contributing cartoons/graphics to

Ski welcomes comments, suggestions and at times, constructive criticism.

He can be reached throughout his various sites or at