Standard Ad Space 1A
Standard Ad Space 1B, inc. welcomes advertising on its web sites.

The format for standard site ad space is as shown above:

two standard ad spaces which displace 100 pixels (height) x 50% (screen width) each

(Webmaster is using Dreamweaver 3 to prepare pages) reserves the right to accept, reject, edit or modify any advertising submitted for publication.

All advertising inquiries, including jpg or gif file attachment for copy, should be sent to:

Make sure to Re: Advertising on any email. at its discretion is available to create or format ad copy for customers.

All acceptable advertising is payable in advance at current rates. Advertising must purchase space contract for

one, two or three months in advance. First come, first served in space allocation.

Ad rates are determined by site page position, with prime advertising spaces nearer the top of the page.


Standard Ad Space 1 A or B position . . . . . . . . . . $20.00 US/ month per space


Note: the above ad rates are for print (static) ad copy. If you desire to

to have a LINK ad which upon click will direct reader to your site, then

ad rate for "click ads" is 150% of the Standard Ad Rate



All advertisements will begin to run upon clearance of money orders for prepaid ads.

All advertising payments shall be in the form of a US money order or bank draft payable to:, inc.

All advertising contracts shall be subject to the site's Terms and Conditions section.

All advertisements are subject to distributors code of conduct. We will not accept adult advertising,

adult sites, or any illegal or immoral product or service marketing materials.

All contracts shall be deemed to have been entered into at Palatine, Illinois USA.

All ad runs shall begin on the date said ad is posted by the webmaster. We will attempt to confirm advertisment placement by

email confirmation with customer.

All advertising payments shall be sent to:

Paul C. Pinderski, inc.

4889 Prestwick Place

Barrington, IL 60010



We are basing the ad rates per current average monthly visits.

This rate reflects the start-up nature of the site and the time to increase traffic and readership.

We welcome sponsors who wish to be associated with this new venture.