Only a Superman (Ego) would come before the cameras after a hung jury on the major counts against him to claim total victory against federal prosecutors. But Hot Rod Blagojevich is literally in his own little world. He proclaimed that he did not lie to the FBI, even though that was the one count that the federal jury could agree on: guilty. On all the other counts against him, the majority of jurors were against him, and at times overwhelmingly against him, 11-1. The defense that the defendant is a blow hard, stupid, egomaniac fool doing just Illinois politics as usual won the day with one juror. It may not go as well during the re-trial.


Happy Rod has been out of the cameras for several months now. His key members of his legal team have bolted (since there is no more money to pay them). The federal prosecutors now know what went wrong in their presentation of the first case. They will not make the same mistakes twice. It will take sleazy witnesses like Levine or Rezko, people who actually used insider positions to physically take money from the public treasury, to wrap Blaggo in the deep web of Illinois political corruption. The feds need to put on their best show, even if it includes the dirty actors and convicted felons. Otherwise, the dunce cap routine of Hot Rod will continue send a mixed message to the jury pool.


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